Tributes Galore On Tap This Fall at House of Blues Myrtle Beach

The music of Dave Matthews, Kid Rock, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Bon Jovi are among the headline November attractions at House of Blue Myrtle Beach – and as a Myrtle Beach Golf Passport cardholder, you can get exclusive savings on top of a great entertainment experience!

Video Tip: The Fairway Finder

Having issues finding the short grass off the tee? Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, S.C. is here to show you that it’s not just about clubbing down: ball position in your stance is critical here as well. Check it out!

Ted’s Power Series, Part 1 – The Setup

In the first of a six-part video series on improving your power with the driver, Ted Frick of the Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach, S.C. talks us through the setup - from ball position to stance width to shoulder tilt. You won't want to miss these tips!

Member Benefit: Dagwood’s Deli in Myrtle Beach

If you consider yourself an area “foodie,” there’s a good chance you’ve made this Myrtle Beach mainstay a regular part of your dine out routine. Now, as a Myrtle Beach Golf Passport member, you have added incentive to visit Dagwood’s Deli in Myrtle Beach!

Member Benefit: Main Street Taphouse

With plenty of Pittsburgh Steelers-friendly gathering spots throughout the Grand Strand, it’s notable whenever one spot is especially appealing to a division rival. At Main Street Taphouse in North Myrtle Beach, you experience the ultimate location to watch the Baltimore Ravens on NFL Sundays – while also enjoying some of the Myrtle Beach area’s renowned craft brews!

Member Benefit: Angelo’s Steak and Pasta

Who doesn’t want a great steak and satisfying meal after a gratifying day on the course? As a Myrtle Beach Golf Passport member, you get to experience both – with added savings when you make Angelo’s Steak and Pasta in Myrtle Beach your post-round dining option of choice!

Video Tip: Finesse Wedge Training for Uneven Lies

In Part 3 of their finesse wedge training video series, Classic Swing Golf School's Ted Frick and LPGA Tour player Haylee Harford demonstrate the methods and rationale behind the proper practice techniques for hitting each type of uneven lie: ball below your feet, downhill lie, uphill lie, and ball above your feet.

Video Tip: Executing Flop Shots to Tricky Pin Positions

In this video, Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, S.C. is here to demonstrate the proper method for hitting a flop shot – and, just as important, recognizing the scenario that would dictate the need to execute it in the first place.

Finesse Wedge Training Part 2

In the second part of their latest video series, Classic Swing Golf School's Ted Frick and LPGA Tour player Haylee Harford discuss training aids to help keep the golf swing properly on plane as you're executing a finesse wedge shot.

Member Benefit: Bonefish Grill Myrtle Beach

If you’re up for a post-round seafood meal, Bonefish Grill at 7401 N. Kings Hwy. in Myrtle Beach offers up a wide range of great dinner entrees that includes Atlantic Salmon, Mahi-Mahi, Chilean Sea Bass and Rainbow Trout just to name a few. Now, with your Myrtle Beach Golf Passport membership, you also get the added benefit of added savings the next time you dine there!

Member Benefit: Carolina Seafood & Steak

With dozens of Grand Strand-area restaurants offering discounts to Myrtle Beach Golf Passport cardholders, be sure to keep Carolina Seafood & Steak at the top of your go-to options for great dining with added savings!

Tip Tuesday: Adjust Your Stance for Better Pitch Shots

In this video, Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, S.C. shows us how and why a “full-swing” stance is detrimental to your short game around the green, and then walks you through the simple adjustments you can make to execute better pitch shots with more consistency.

Member Benefit: Ciao Italian Restaurant & Bar

Located in Myrtle Beach, Ciao is a premium Italian restaurant that’s been cooking up authentic Italian cuisine for more than 15 years, providing a place along the way that allows guests to feel like family when they dine with them. With their owners’ passion for great food and world-class chef they’re able to provide an extraordinary dining experience.

Passport Tip: When to Pitch vs. When to Chip

Not sure of when to hit a chip shot or a pitch shot around the green? Never fear, Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy is here to offer some guidance! Watch as Scott walks us through the ideal scenarios for executing each type of shot, along with instruction on how to do it.

Member Benefit: Rose + Aila Hair Salon

Rose + Aila Hair Salon in downtown Myrtle Beach is your Brasilian hair salon of the Grand Strand, offering professional care of your style with services meeting a wide variety of styling and grooming needs for both men and women. They’ve received an outstanding 4.8 out of 5 stars average score in Google Reviews, including recent feedback from the likes of Ronnie:

Member Benefit: The Kitchen Table

Whether you’re meeting up with members of your foursome for a pre-round breakfast, holding a large work meeting, hosting a family reunion or celebrating a major life event, The Kitchen Table Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach will help you create those happy memories. And with your Myrtle Beach Golf Passport membership benefits, you’ll save off your final bill, too!

Video Tip: How to Adjust for Hitting Into the Wind

Playing in gusty conditions (12-25 mph) can wreak havoc with your game, but Classic Swing Golf School's Ted Frick, imparting a little wisdom passed along by Sam Snead, shows you how to hit a shot that will mute the wind’s impact on your play.