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Brick Landing | Hole 1

About Us

Brick Landing | Hole 1

Imagine over 70 golf courses in a 50-mile radius. That’s a reality for this region, and it’s a paradise for golfers visiting the Myrtle Beach area! It’s also the footprint of The Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association (MBAGCOA).

Founded as the Grand Strand Executive Golf Association, MBAGCOA has several objectives. Since 1978, it has focused on and for the operation of the golf course:

  • Development and coordination of policies
  • Special Projects
  • Programs to advance operational initiatives
  • Promotion of the welfare of course owners and managers
  • Supporting, growing the game of golf

These activities assure the quality experiences locals and visitors have come to expect on the Grand Strand continue for generations to come.

Organizational Roles for Myrtle Beach Golf

Golf Tourism Solutions concentrates on marketing the area’s golf mecca. Golf Tourism Solutions offers booking and tee-time management automation. The MBAGCOA’s goal is to standardize the region’s golf tourism operations and industry. All while boosting the bottom line for area course owners.

In 1983, the MBAGCOA introduced the Myrtle Beach Golf Passport. This program seeks to do one thing: provide residents and second homeowners with an affordable golf experience.

The Passport Program’s Impact

The impact of Myrtle Beach Golf Passport extends on and off the greens. As a thank you for their service, active duty emergency medical services personnel, first responders, and police officers are eligible for FREE annual passport. 

Myrtle Beach Golf Passport funds scholarships for Coastal Carolina University’s Professional Golf Management program. To learn more about the program, visit Coastal Carolina’s PGA business page.

Funds also contribute to Project Golf sponsorship. Project Golf seeks to grow this sport we all love, one player at a time. It does so by bringing people to the game — not for a day, but for a lifetime.

Project Golf helps junior golfers foster a love for the game through high school and beyond. Also, it offers golf as a therapy for veterans and disabled veterans. Golf Project appreciates their sacrifices and offers its support.

Golf can be an intimidating sport to start. That’s why we help new golfers overcome those initial uncertainties we’ve all felt! We can do this in several ways, including discussions and demonstrations of procedures. These include:

  • Booking a tee time
  • Checking into a facility
  • Course etiquette

As new players become more committed to golf, we offer advice on buying equipment. Additionally, we help nurture lasting friendships by connecting those starting their journey.
Learn more about the work Myrtle Beach Golf Passport and Project Golf do together. Check out the Project Golf website today.


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