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Video Tip: Working on Ball Flight with Your Driver

In this tip, Ted Frick of the Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C. is here to show us how to work on controlling the ball flight with our driver. As the great Jack Nicklaus, it’s all about working with windows.


Hi, I'm Ted Frick, owner and director of instruction at the Classic Swing Golf School located at the Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach. So you’re checking out this line. It's the most important line in all of golf. It's your line of flight. Today's tip is learning how to start out, or control, how your ball starts out. A wise saying from Jack Nicklaus: “If you can't control how ball starts out, you can't control how ball ends up.” And I tell you what, that's from putt to drive. Today we're going to do the driver and I do a lot of playing lessons.

So check this scenario out. I've got these kind of windows, this is all Jack. Jack was the window operator, the coordinator with it, awesome between the ears. The window on the left is for a person who fades the ball and the window on the right is for a person who draws the ball. Well you can't really change your ball flight on the golf course, so you might want to know what your ball flight is when you go out there so you can figure out how and where you're going to start the ball out.

So take a look here. The last place that a draw right to left can start a ball out is left, and the last place that a fader can start the ball out from left to right is to the right. So what I'm doing is I’ve got my line of fligh,t but I'm taking my stance line, this line down here. Set my body line to influence where this ball is going to start out. You faders of the ball, you have got to start your ball out, if you're a right-handed golfer, down the left side of the fairway, sometimes in the left rough based on how it's cutting and how the wind's working. Same thing with a drawer.

The drawer's going to set up and they’ve got to start … You’ve got to know your ball flight. I can help you with it. We can help you with it so that you can influence where the ball starts out. Check this out, I'm going through window one today. Next week I'll go through window two. I'll just change my stance line. All right, the fader of the golf ball. You could say setting up open. I'm going to say I could be setting up square cause I'm going down the left center of the fairway.

All right, so I'm going through, window one here in the left. Controlling where the ball starts out, so control my alignments. There it is, and that is a soft butter fade down the left center. And I thank Jack Nicklaus –  he was, like I said, he set up these windows. This is the way he saw shots. And if he couldn't control where the ball started out, he knew he couldn't control where the ball ended up. All right. Hope that helps!