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Video Tip: The Two-Tee Drill

She calls it the “2-Tee Drill,” and in this exercise Stefany King of the Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C. demonstrates how you can use golf tees on the practice range to reinforce the proper swing path for irons as well as hybrid clubs and, in this case, a 7-wood.

Stefany King:

Hey guys, this is Stefany King from the Classic Swing Golf School, and I’ve got a cool drill for you today: it's called the Two-Tee Drill!

So we have three different scenarios that we're going to do here. In the first one, we're just going to be hitting a tee, we're going to feel like we're still hitting down on the tee, just like we're hitting a seven iron or a hybrid. I'm hitting a seven wood, so I am still making sure I'm hitting down on the ball. With the second one, we're going to have the ball on a little tee. Again, we're still making a descending blow into the ball. Then of course, my last one is going to be with the ball on the ground, still with my tee in front of me, again, still hitting down on the ball. Even with our seven wood, like I said, we're hitting down on the ball, we're not trying to hit up on the ball or sweep it or hit behind it. So I'm trying to hit that ball and then that tee.

So let's do the first one. Hitting down on the ball or hitting down on my tee, trying to drive that tee into the ground. Okay, there goes my tee.

So now I'm onto my second one. The ball's on a little tee, still trying to hit the ball into the tee now. Okay, tee's out of the ground.

Last one, ball is on the ground, tee is in front of me, trying to drive the ball into the tee again. Okay, we moved all the tees so we must've done good! Guys, enjoy it!