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Video Tip: Knowing How to Lay Up Properly

In this video, Ted Frick and Stefany King of Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C. give us insight into basic course management, with Hole No. 11 at the Legends-Parkland course as the demonstration ground.

Ted Frick:
I'm Ted Frick from Classic Swing Golf School, here with Stefany King, our LPGA Class A teaching professional. We're out on hole number 11 on the Parkland Course at Legends Golf Resort. We've already done a fairway bunker shot. We're going to teach you now about the proper layup shot. So when Stef plays, and we make her play from the 6,000-yard tees, a lot of times when she's on a par five she's got about 260 left to the middle of the green. But out here on hole number 11 on the Parkland, we're faced with water in front of this green and water is not a good place to miss it.

So this is so important about knowing where to lay up. But when the book says on par fives, lay up as close to the green as possible, as long as you're not in a trouble area. Because the closer you are to the green, the better chances you have of scoring.

We all want our scores to get lower, but on this hole right here, Stef, what have you guesstimated is a great lay up? We are 260 to the middle with water on front. So what are we going to lay up?

Stefany King:
So I'm laying up to a100 so I'm going to hit this about 160 down to the bottom. Now I know because there's water that creeps in on the right, I'm going to make sure I keep it down the left side of the fairway.

Ted Frick:
All right, so let's do it. So we're going to play this off to the left. So this ball is going left center. We're out here with her 160, now take a look at this, this is how we lay up. This is how you manage your misses. She just pured that. It's going to put us well inside 100. Good shot, Stef. Here we go, course management.