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Video Tip: How to Stop Coming Over the Top

In this video tip, Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy at Whispering Pines Golf Course in Myrtle Beach, S.C. shows us a teaching technique he uses with his students to help them avoid a common pitfall among recreational golfers.

Hey everybody, Scott Tanguay here at the Coastal Golf Academy at Whispering Pines Golf Course. We're just right across from the airport here. So when you guys come in on your buddies trip, come by and see me! Today, I want to talk about what a lot of guys have trouble with is coming over the top.

What does that mean? You could say there's kind of an imaginary line here on this green stick. If you get on the wrong side of that line, you're going to have a lot of trouble hitting quality golf shots. Throughout the golf swing, we want it somewhere back in here where we're not getting too close to the stick. That leads to a lot more solid shots, a lot more distance, a lot more consistency. So a drill I like to do with my students is set up to the ball, and what most people would do if they come over the top, they would kind of come towards this first stick here.

And then our second stick is so that we can't continue that swiping motion we call it, right? Where we come a little bit out to in we'd say, so it would look maybe a little something like this, right? So you see people cutting across it and it's very hard to hit any sort of solid shots. You're going to get a lot of slices out to the right and way short. What we're looking for is, if we use without the ball, would be to come under this stick, right? And then stay in front of this stick. That would be kind of your perfect swing there. So we come in. I want to avoid both sticks. I'm going to take it back, and then back down where it came from. If we go this way, then you're in big trouble.

So we're here. Avoid the sticks. Man. Right down the gut. All right? One more. Okay. So again, slow motion. And what I'll tell people is, you're dragging it down the wall behind you. If you get off that wall, you're probably going to run into that stick. So we're here, down the wall. Man. You'll be doing much better.