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Video Tip: How to Play in Tough Wind

We're really lucky to live very near the beach. One of the drawbacks is the wind can really kick up sometimes, and really wreak havoc with your game. Steve Dresser from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy is here to show you how to play in tough wind.

We're really lucky to live very near the beach. One of the drawbacks is the wind can really kick up sometimes. Wind can really wreak havoc with your game. To me, it's the most difficult element to deal with. I can deal with a little bit of rain, even cold, but wind can really mess with your golf ball a lot.

You want to learn to hit the ball lower when the wind is really blowing, and hit what's called a knockdown shot with your irons. To do that, you would play the ball a little farther back in your stance than you normally would. You might even put a little more weight on your left side and you're going to have your hands more left of the ball than you normally do.

Your wrists now are already cocked by virtue of having your hands more left of the ball, and with this style shot all you're really going to do is bring the club up a little bit to about three quarters and then when you come into the ball, you want to make sure you return that same shaft angle to the ball. Effectively, you're taking loft off of the club at impact.

This is actually also really good for your full swing and hitting regular iron shots, because it teaches you to contact the ball with the handle ahead of the clubface and to take a divot after you hit the ball. For this particular instance, it's going to help us keep the ball low and out of the wind.

My target is behind me and one thing I should mention is, don't do this with anything longer than about a seven iron or so. You'll start de-lofting it so much you can't really get it up in the air very high.

Again, I've got the ball a little bit back in my stance, my weight a little bit forward, handle forward and the real key is to hit the ball with the handle forward. You see, you've got kind of an abbreviated follow through when you do that. Really hits that low, piercing shot, and it'll still land very softly on the green, believe it or not.