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Video Tip: How to Avoid Coming in Too Steep with Your Driver

In this video tip, Eddie Young of Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C. shows you a drill that’s not for everyone, but especially helpful if you’re coming in at too steep an angle with your driver.

Eddie Young:
In the last Facebook tip that I did, I talked about the driver and how we're going to try to shallow that out. And we said we don't want steep angles coming into the ball.

Now, there are many different reasons why you would come in steep, and one of the most common ones is a student not releasing the club. And they get here and they try to hold this angle too long, and you can see how the club head would come into the ball on a very steep angle of attack versus shallow.

Here's a good drill, and this drill's not for everybody. It's for the people who are coming in steep. It's just a good way of feeling what release is going to be like. And all I'm going to do is take the driver, I'm going to let it rest on my stomach, and I'm just going to let my arms kind of hang down, and grab the club wherever my arms are at. It's probably going to be a little bit on the shaft and a little bit on the grip.

And then from here, my goal is to go ahead and take the club back and make my back swing, and then I'm going to pull the butt of the club right back into my stomach and let it go on through as I'm turning.

As you can see here, if I do that in slow motion, how this is coming in steep. Look where the club's pointing, where this is actually bringing that club head in more shallow.

Now, some people would see this and they'd get confused about, well, “I thought I'm supposed to get my hands past the ball first.” As long as I continue to turn my body, I'm going to get to that point, but in the process of releasing the club.

The drill would look like this.

And you're just trying to pull that right back into here, and let the club head feel like it's going to make it to the ball before everything else. Feel. I'm using the word feel. As long as I turn, remember, as long as I turn the hands are going to be in that position as I go ahead and released through it.