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Video Tip from the Classic Swing Golf School: Know Your Yardages

Ted Frick from the Classic Swing Golf School shows you why it is so important to setup properly, and to know your yardages!

Ted Frick:
Hi. I'm Ted Frick, and this is Stefany King. We're both from the Classic Swing Golf School, and we're out here at the Legends Resort, where we've been located since 2001. We're going to do a series of tips on the golf course. We're out on the Parkland today, and we're at hole number 10.

Here's a note for y'all that are coming down South. The ball doesn't travel that far. We're at sea level, I can tell you that right now. And if you want to help your scores when you come down South, and please visit us, know your yardage that you're comfortable with playing and not the color code of the tee box.

I myself, when I play with Stef, and we play often, I like 6,500 yards. Don't like the tips. I'm getting ready to be 60 – excuse me, 55 years of age. 7,000's out of my range. But Stef, being 26 years of age, I don't let her play the forward tees or the red tees. I make her play 6,000 yards.

So we're trying to educate our students on knowing your number and not the color of the tee box. That's really, really important. You think it's helping?

Stefany King:
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Ted Frick:
Right. Because I mean, one golf course, the blue tees are the championship tees. At the next golf course, the blue tees might be the senior tees. Know your yardage. That's going to help out. All right.

Here's a little course management tip. We're out here on hole number 10 on the Parkland. It is a short par four. Now, remember, Stef's got to play 6,000 yards when she's playing with me, and that makes us even up when we're gambling.

We’ve got trouble on the left. Now, what I want to ask Stef as a coach, because she does a lot of on-course lessons … Now, the trouble is on the left. On this hole, our driving range is to the right. You can miss it a country mile right. The only place you can't miss it's on the left because that's where the water is.

But let's say that you're coming down here, and you're a fader of the ball, you're not going to work on your golf swing, Stef, you're on hole number 10, you fade the ball. A fader of the ball, should they set up on the right side of the tee box or the left side of the tee box?

Stefany King:
The right side?

Ted Frick:
You actually, the faders must walk in from the right side. Now, even though trouble's on the left, and you're going to set up on the right side of the tee box, where's the fader going to aim?

Stefany King:
A little bit left.

Ted Frick:
A little bit left fader. So if you start on the right side, and you aim a little bit left, you're playing your standard ball flight, which just opens up the fairway. That's about our second tip in this little series right now. Know your yardage, and know where you need to be on the tee box.

Stef hits it really straight, so let's check this out. So we're out here on hole number 10. She's going to go ahead and pick out a mark. Remember, we're going to do a little series of course management going through this one hole and a couple other holes. She's aiming right down the middle, y'all, and that's where she hits it.

All right. So there you go. She probably missed the center of the fairway by five yards. Very boring golf. She's tough. Have your game face on when you come out with some lessons with her. Let’s take it out to the middle of the fairway!