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Video Tip from Myrtle Beach Golf Passport: Chipping Out of Thick Rough

Ted Frick from the Classic Swing Golf School shows you an easy way to get out of the thick Bermudagrass rough in Myrtle Beach.

Ted Frick:
Hi, I'm Ted Frick and I'm here today with Stefany King from the Classic Swing Golf School. And we're actually standing behind hole number 10 right now on Legends-Parkland. And we're at a very common area that's the deep rough. This is the first major cut of grass off the fringe. And when a lot of people from the north come down here, they don't understand how to play this shot. The ball buries a lot of times. This rough can get up to about four inches deep. We've got this ball sitting down. Let us give you a cool southern tip right here.

All right, number one is, any of you would standard hit this shot with a lob wedge or sand wedge. Take a wedge with a little extra loft. As in, instead of using your 56, use a stronger one, like a 50. So Stef, what do you have here?

Stefany King:
Gap wedge.

Ted Frick:
Gap wedge. Now, here's the deal in the rough. She's going to play this somewhat like a greenside bunker shot in that she's going to open the face of the club, therefore it's going to allow her to use the bounce and most of the time, your wedges that are stronger, they actually have a little more bounce on the club. So, bounce equals forgiveness. So, with a little open face we get to use the bounce. She's also going to hit about one solid inch behind the ball. So, when this ball is buried, we're not actually trying to hit the ball first. We're going to try to hit some grass behind the ball.

All right. In the grass. Because y'all, this is like steel wool. It's going to grab that club and slow it down. So, Stef will grab this golf club a little bit tighter with her grip pressure, but it's real important that the path of the club head through the ball is working on an in-to-out path. The last thing you want to do is chop down, come in steep on out the end with that leading edge digging because you'll chunk it.

So, let's take a deep breath here. Let's go through this. We have the open face, a little tighter grip pressure. She's got a gap wedge in her hand, a little in to out, one inch behind it. Watch this. It just jumps out and rolls. Look. So, it's a real cool bump and run play out of the rough. It's really difficult to control. Stef, good shot.

Stefany King: