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Video Tip: Discover Your Dominant Eye

Do you know which eye is your dominant eye? Ted Frick of the Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C. is here to show you and easy way to find out – and tell you why it’s so important to your putting game.

Ted Frick:

I’m Ted Frick, owner of the Classic Swing Golf School, located at the beautiful Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach. So I’m going to do a series on putting, and the reason I’m sharing this is over the last, my goodness, five, up to 10 years, watching the ladies and the men on TV, we’re seeing a revolution in the change of the way the golfers are holding putters and even in the handles. So we’re going to get to these different style grips over this series of putting, low left-hand, the claw and variations of the claw, and then the traditional style. I’m even going to be using some different putters and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

But the series is going to start, we use an acronym at the Classic Swing Golf School. It’s R-A-T, RAT – that we know the common ingredient that we see of good putters. We know the bottom line’s confidence, but R stands for read, A stands for aim, and T stands for touch. So I’m going to give you a little tip here on aim.

All really good putters know how to use their dominant eye. And when I sit back in my schools and do private lessons, and I’ll talk about those using their dominant eye to set up a line on the ball, many people, well over 60 percent of the golfers don’t even know what their dominant eye is. So take this as tip number one in the putting series.

All right, behind me out here is hole number nine on the Parkland at the Legend Resort. And watch this tip. It was taught to me by an eye doctor. I’m going to take my hands and form like a little heart here, like this with my arms extended, but I’m going to focus on the flag on number nine. So I’m going to turn my back to you for a moment. All right, so with both eyes open, looking through my hands, both eyes opens so I can see the beautiful white flag denoting the pin’s in the middle of the green. But when I close my right eye, it looks like the flag, or even my hands, have moved when I blink and close the right eye. But with both eyes open, the flag’s exposed. When I close my left eye, the flag is still right there in view.

The eye that keeps the flag in view is my dominant eye, and all good putters, because aim is so important, they must know what their dominant eye is and what it’s used for. All right, hope that helps!