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Video Instruction Tip: Don’t Get “Stuck” with Your Swing

In our latest video tip, Dustin Johnson Golf School Director of Instruction Allen Terrell responds to a fan’s inquiry on getting “stuck” in your swing. How do you avoid it? Allen’s here to show you!

Allen Terrell:

Okay. So we had a follower ask – and this is a really great question: how do I not get stuck in the downswing?

So, getting “stuck” isn't from the club being too far inside. That is one of the biggest fallacies probably out there today in golf instruction. “Stuck” comes from your body having to make a move to make a compensation coming into impact. So, it's usually in the most simple terms, it’s our head going backwards and we're adding too much right side bend coming into the ball.

That is the feeling players have when they're “stuck,” but it's not from the club head being too far inside. It's usually because you start steep with the shaft and then you have to tilt back. And that tilting back feeling is what feels stuck and we have to throw the club out there. Then you have hill misses that go right, solid big hooks that go to the left.

So, fix your transition to get out of being stuck.