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The Benefits of Fall Golf for Locals

Myrtle Beach is fortunate to enjoy a sub-tropical climate that allows us to play golf 12 months a year. That being said, certain times offer better conditions than others, and there is a case to be made the fall season is the best of time of year to play golf along the Grand Strand. 

Don’t agree? Consider the following:

— The fall season runs from mid-September through mid-November, coinciding nicely with the mercury dropping and the summer humidity receding. The average high temperature in October is an idyllic 75 degrees and an almost equally appealing 67 in November. Those temperatures, with no humidity, are a recipe for a perfect day of golf.

— Speaking of golf, courses are in optimal condition in the fall. The bermuda is still thriving and the cooler temperatures mean our courses with bentgrass greens will be in outstanding shape. You can debate the time of year you most enjoy playing the game, but without question, courses are consistently in peak condition during the fall season.

— With the end of the calendar year approaching, for many players it’s the end of their golf season as well. That certainly doesn’t have to be the case if you live along the Grand Strand, but if the holidays cut into your time on the course, make sure you get the gang together for a last hurrah to 2018.

— Sure, October to mid-November is a peak season (see the reasons above) but it still returns value, particularly on weekday play. So enjoy the best the area has to offer at a price no destination in the country can match. Put another way, if you want to play a top 100 course in primo condition, now is the time to do it.

The only thing left to do is check the rates here on the Passport site and decide where you want to play your next round!