Playing Golf Never Tasted So Fresh

With Myrtle Beach Golf Passport, receive 10 percent off PrimoHoagies

Myrtle Beach Golf Passport offers an impressive number of member benefits for 2019, ranging from entertainment, to restaurants and dining, to home shopping and other services like hair salons and pet grooming facilities. One compelling option for dining this year is PrimoHoagies, where Passport members receive 10 percent off their total check.

East Coast-based, PrimoHoagies established its first location in South Philadelphia in 1992, rapidly expanding thereafter. Today, there are 95 locations across seven states, with two in South Carolina, including one right here in Myrtle Beach.

At PrimoHoagies, customer service is always a top priority. Crispy, fresh-baked Italian bread, the highest quality meats, and delicious specialty sandwiches are just a few of the reasons why these old school-style hoagies keep customers coming back time after time.

Indeed, PrimoHoagies possesses an extreme passion for creating the highest-quality sandwiches. Popular favorites on their menu include the Primo Italian, with prosciutto, provolone, salami, and capicola, top-quality meats and cheeses that make for a truly premium sandwich.

Another popular sub is the Turkey Schwartzie, which combines turkey, swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and coleslaw. A messy eat, this sloppy-joe-meets-turkey-sandwich is a mouthwatering experience for your taste buds.

Finally, the Chicken Diablo combines buffalo cheese, chicken cutlet, and a unique blend of spices for a truly special creation that will light up your mouth with spice and flavor.

All PrimoHoagies subs can be customized exactly the way you want with an assortment of ultra-fresh ingredients and sauces available.

Are you a 2019 Myrtle Beach Golf Passport member? Then bring a big appetite to PrimoHoagies in central Myrtle Beach. They serve up the best subs around!

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