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Passport Tip: Improving Your Putting Alignment

If you're not properly aligned on the putting green, you have no chance. Scott Tanguay from the Coastal Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, S.C. walks you through the process of how to make sure your alignment is perfect.

Scott Tanguay:

Hey, guys. Scott Tanguay here with the Coastal Golf Academy, right across the street from Myrtle Beach International Airport. Stop by and see me! Today, we wanted to talk a little about putting. Something that I see a lot of people not utilize enough, which is at your disposal, is using the line on your ball. In this case, I have a specific one to help you with your putting more in drills, where you can see you got two different colors there. The idea, the most obvious one is, are we aligned properly? A lot of people come to me and they're missing putts, but they think it's their stroke, not their alignment. So I know it sounds simple, but make sure you're always checking your alignment.

Even if you're a really good player, it's very easy to get off track a little bit here and there. Even just simply putting your club flush with the stick or any flat surface, just to see what square should be. We see a lot of people with it just barely open or barely closed, and then that's going to affect your starting line. So that's step one, make sure you're square and lined up to begin with. Then two, using the line to aim where you want it to go just really gives you confidence. If you're standing there, fiddling around with the club face, not really sure if it's right edge or left edge, that can creep into your stroke. So if we know the alignment is good, then we already are more confident are likely to make it.

Also here, we just want you to see that with the stick, I just want you to make sure that the stroke shouldn't be completely straight back and through. We want to see there's a little bit of an arc. Just like with your full swing, we should see a small arc. So if I just had it on the stick here, it wouldn't stay on it the entire time. Right? We'd like to come a little bit in, back to square, and then back to the left a little. We don't stay straight back and through the whole time. So we're here. We've got our ball lined up. I'm going to arc my putter and see if we can roll that line end over in end. Give that a try!