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Myrtle Beach Golf Passport Tip: Good Posture Helps You Start Right to Finish Right

There are five fundamentals of the swing, and Classic Swing Golf School’s Ted Frick addresses one that is both simple and at the same time problematic: posture. Find out how to guarantee your swing gets off to a good start.

Hi, I'm Ted Frick, owner and director of instruction of the Classic Swing Golf School here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at the beautiful Legends Resort. And today I want to talk to you about one of the five fundamentals that we preach here at the golf school, with posture. Now we use an acronym for the five fundamentals GAP, G-A-P B-S. G is grip, A is aim, P is posture, B is ball position, and S is stance width. The five fundamentals.

Today posture, and y'all, this is huge. This is about setting your spine. It's the axis that you rotate around. Here's what I've got. My shortest and heaviest golf club being my sand wedge, and my longest and lightest golf club being the driver. Watch these checkpoints.

When you set up, the idea for posture is to have the same posture when it's a full swing level lie. I'm going to show you the difference. Checkpoints, butt back, shoulders back, think of a beam of light coming right out of the cap of the golf club, and the beam of light points the belt buckle.

When I throw my hips back, there's approximately a fist to a thumb relationship between the handle and my body. Notice between my shortest club, and my longest golf club, that my posture is identical. Y'all, can you imagine playing golf with a short golf club, and we have 13 clubs in the bag, and changing your spine 13 times? Like taking a short club, add knee flex, drop the handle, arch the back, and then that same golfer, take the driver and stand up, and start reaching. That would be like having 13 different golf swings. Of the five fundamentals in the GAP BS, posture is the one that relates to power and consistency.

It's about the foundation. You start out right, you just might end right. All right, again, checkpoints. Butt back, shoulders back, cap to the belt buckle with a fist to a thumb relationship, y'all I really I hope that that helps you out. Thank you!