Golf Tip: Make Sure You Are Properly Aligned: Putting

Tired of three-putting? Tired of missing the easy putts?

Stop blaming your $500 putter or the greens for those missed putts, and check out this golf tip from Steve Dresser of the Steve Dresser Golf School, which drastically improve your putts!

There are a number of things that affect the way we aim when we putt. You could be too close to the ball. Typically, you'll think the hole's more to the left than it is. If you're too far away from the ball, you'll think it's more to the right than it is.

Ball position, when you get it too far forward you'll tend to aim left. If you play it too far back, you'll tend to aim to the right. All kinds of things, not to mention your own vision. Everybody sees a straight line differently from one another.

What we like to do is have the player get about 10 feet away, and then tell us when they feel like they're lined up directly in the cross hairs of that circle over there, and then we kick the ball away and replace it with a laser light to show them where they're aimed. That's pretty darn good right there.

Only about one in 25 tour players will actually hit right on the cross hairs, so if you imagine you're catching that right half of the hole, that's a lot of the golf ball that's hitting the hole. Now the problem is, or the challenge is, we've got to hit it in the direction that we're aimed. We know that Chris can align really well, now let's hope he can putt it nice and straight. Do you want to roll one down the line?

(Chris putts.)

Look at that, went right in the right side of the cup, right where he was aimed. How about that? This guy's good.