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Golf Tip from Dustin Johnson Golf School: What Putting Grip to Use?

With all the different types of putting grips that have become part of the game, choosing the one that’s right for you can be a challenge. Let Allen Terrell of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach alleviate any confusion and offer you a simple option, as he does in this quick video.

So there are a lot of different putting grips out there. The one we recommend at the beginning, for most, is reverse overlap. The reason is when you set in, you can put your right hand on the club and you don't have to relocate your right hand. You can just bring your left hand in. And reverse overlap means that you're taking your left index finger, if you're right handed, and overlapping the top of your right fingers versus a conventional Harry Vardon grip where your index finger would actually be on the club. In putting, we'd like for this index finger to not be on the club. So your finger can go straight down, it can hook or curl if you want, but the reason that's important is when you set up, you can set up right foot first, right arm, right hand, and then adjust your feet and then bring your left hand in and you don't have to readjust your right hand grip. Less movement, more consistency.