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As Seen on CBS Sports Network: “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Cooks Up Some Lowcountry Boil

Is there anything better for a post-round meal after playing your favorite course in Myrtle Beach than enjoying a home-cooked Lowcountry Boil? From a recent episode of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on CBS Sports Network, “The Big Timer” is here to show us how it’s done. What are his secret ingredients to make it great? Watch the video to find out!

Charlie Rymer:
Here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we love our golf. And we love our good food too. And so today I’m going to cook up a traditional South Carolina style Lowcountry Boil. You guys are going to love this. Oh, it’s already sizzling up over there. That’s where all the flavor is.

We’re ready to go. Now I’m not the only golf pro that’s got ties to the Myrtle Beach area. US Open Champion Dustin Johnson went to school right here in Coastal Carolina. And he knows a thing or two, I’m sure, about the Lowcountry Boil. So I’m going to get a little bit of garlic butter going here. I like having a little garlic butter on my shrimp. It works well on the corn as well. So I’ve got some Irish butter that I’ve got melting right here. I’m going to have to throw some salt in with it. And you know, you’ve got to use minced fresh garlic. That just sort of pulls everything together. And the way I look at things with garlic, the more, the better. Also like having a nice cocktail sauce. I use some ketchup. I go in pretty heavy with the horseradish. But when it catches up with his buddy ketchup, magic happens.

I put a little bit of sriracha sauce in there, just to kick it up a little bit. And I love using Worcestershire sauce. Never have been good at pronouncing that, but it sure does taste good. Just a touch of it. The thing that really pulls it together, this is the Old Bay seasoning that I’m going to use in my boil pot right there. I like throwing that in with that cocktail sauce. So we’ll get that mixed up. I think our pot’s boiling now, it’s time to get all of this great stuff into that pot. Come on. Okay, so here are the ingredients. You’ve got to get everything in in the right order. This is just straight up Old Bay seasoning right there. You can’t use too much of that. Man, that’s already smelling good. Now then, the first thing I’m going to slide into the pot, I’m going to put my potatoes in there.

So I got the potatoes in the pot. Got a couple of minutes to sort of hang out. Here in South Carolina, we like hanging out on the back porch a lot. Especially when we got a Lowcountry Boil going. Dustin Johnson, when he’s in town for his Dustin Johnson World Junior Invitational, he really engages with the junior golfers and I love seeing it. A couple of years ago he won in LA on a Sunday. Became number one in the world on a Monday. On Tuesday, he showed up to spend time with the kids. And when you’re number one in the world, the kids know it. They appreciate it, and they react to it. And the cool thing for Dustin is, all the adults, all the media, all the parents, they all just completely disappeared. They weren’t there for him. He goes right to the kids, he’ll give them some tips, he’ll hang out with them.

And obviously get some pictures. So that’s one of the really neat things that I don’t think Dustin Johnson gets maybe enough credit for. The work that he puts into junior golf here in South Carolina through his foundation. And his junior golf team. Oh, oh, oh. We’ve got to stay on time here. We’ve got to get the kielbasa in the pot. There we go. Another few minutes and it’ll be on to the next thing. Onions. And the corn. In you go, boys. Couple minutes and you’ll be ready to get in my belly. This is ready to roll. My favorite part of the day. Man, that smells good, good, good, good, good. And here’s how we serve up a Lowcountry Boil in South Carolina. Yeah. Sling it up on the table. Finish off with a little bit of Old Bay. Y’all come and get it. Dustin Johnson, this plate’s for you. I’m hitting the course next, but I need a little time for that to digest!