Snowbird Passport

If you were a 2017-2018 member, and have not yet logged in, please log-in using the form on the right in order to renew your Snowbird membership.

If you are already logged in, please scroll down and complete the form below to renew your Snowbird membership, you can also download and print the application and mail with your payment.

Canadian Special: To purchase the Snowbird Card and receive the Canadian exchange rate, you must have a Canadian Postal Code and apply by mail. Special Canadian rate $37.00 as of 9/1/18 payable in US Funds. You will be charged the full rate of $49 if you apply online.


Referral Program: Invite a new member to apply and receive your membership renewal for $25.00. New Membership $49. To take advantage of the referral program, applications must be MAILED IN TOGETHER. You will be charged the full rate of $49 if you apply online.


New for 2018- 2019:

  • Membership cards include photo ID - please see upload instructions below.
  • Proof of seasonal rental of more than two weeks. (Any documentation showing that you are renting for two weeks or more.) Upload as instructed below.

» Download, print, complete, and mail or scan and email with your proof of seasonal rental, a photo ID, and payment.


» Complete the online form below ('*' means required)

Snowbird Passport ($49.00 inc. tax, valid December 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019)