Online Booking Tutorial

Myrtle Beach Golf Passport Online Booking Procedure

  1. Sign in to your membership account by entering your Email and Password in the upper right hand corner of the page. If you do not know your Email and/or Password, you can click on the “Forgotten Password or Create Password?” link below the login area.
  2. Click on “Specials and Rates”
  3. Select the course by clicking on the dollar amount or “Book Now”
  4. Make sure the date is correct for the day you want to play (note: Individual courses have the option of whether to book on the day of play or not. That is not a policy of the Myrtle Beach Golf Passport.)
  5. Make sure to select the correct number of golfers (note: Individual courses have the option of whether to book a single golfer. That is not a policy of the Myrtle Beach Golf Passport.)
  6. Select your tee time by clicking “Add” on the tee time you wish to book
  7. When the box appears that states “Your Cart has been updated”, confirm the information is correct and click the green “Checkout” button. You cannot book more than one round at a time, so please do not select “Add more rounds”. If you attempt to add more than one round into the cart, you will get an error message. If you need to remove a round from your cart, scroll up and select “View Cart”. You can click the “x” beside the round that you need to remove and then you can proceed with booking the other round.
  8. Again, confirm the tee time information is correct and review your personal information
  9. Please note the disclaimer that payment is due upon arrival at the golf course. You are not able to pay at the time of booking and all fees are due when you get to the course. Please remember that any non-Member guests will pay a minimum $5 more per round. The additional guest fee may vary by course.
  10. Once you have read the disclaimer, check the box that states “I have read and agree to the disclaimer shown below”
  11. Click the green “Process the Reservation” button
  12. You will now receive confirmation of your tee time booking. You may print or view the reservation details in another window. You will also receive a confirmation email with the Subject Line “ Tee Time Reservation”. If you do not receive an email confirmation, the round was most likely not successfully booked. In this instance, please call the golf course to confirm if the tee time was made.
  13. Remember that if you need to make any edits to your tee time reservation or cancel for any reason, you must call the golf course directly at the phone number shown on the confirmation.
  14. Show up at the course where you will check in and pay for your round. Most importantly, you will enjoy another great round of golf as a member of the Myrtle Beach Golf Passport.